¤burn your friends¤ (holdyourmelody) wrote in creighton_uni,
¤burn your friends¤


I'm so screwed right now.

I'm offering $50 for 2 MTVu tickets. Please, could someone buy them for me? Or does anyone have tickets they'd be willing to sell? I know this is very last minute, but I'm desperate. Hell, I'd offer even more, but I don't know if anyone is interested.

Please AIM me @ umthing special
or call me on my cell. 402-214-1731

Thank you.
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hold up what are these tickets of which you speak
Eh, it's too late now, but they were for the MTVu tour, which had acts like Straylight Run, Motion City soundtrack, and HelloGoodbye.
the concert tonight? my boyfriend has a ticket x6489

sorry its too late i didnt know the concert had an official name
It's okay... I'm hoping that Straylight will come back soon, like at Sokol, but not when they're like Green Day famous and play in a big arena. Heh.