pea_eye_em_pea (pea_eye_em_pea) wrote in creighton_uni,

Computer problem - Microsoft Word 2003 bullets


I am trying to create a bulleted list in Microsoft Word.

It's all fine and dandy until I want to indent my bullets, you know, outline-style.

Typically, while typing your bulleted list, after your last line you'd hit "Enter" and then "Tab" to indent. From there, each time you hit "Enter", it would start creating your bullets underneath the indented one.

(The indented bullets are generally open circles as opposed to filled-in ones.)

Wellllllll... you're following me so far?

When I am making my bulleted list, I hit "Tab" and all that happens is my cursor tabs over a quarter inch to the right.

That's not right. I want the BULLET to move over a quarter inch to the right as well. Instead, it just sits there on the left.

Every time I press "Enter", it starts me right back over on the left.

This is something I could fix if I clicked on EACH LINE and moved the alignment ruler thing (the triangles on the ruler at the top of the screen). But I don't understand why my computer suddenly stopped allowing me to make multi-level tab lists.

I have tried everything from Customizing the Bulleted Lists and the Outline Numbered lists. I am usually nerdy enough to figure out little computer problems, but this one is driving me crazy! Any help you can offer is appreciated! Thank you.
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