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Graduate school...

I'm graduating from UNLV next May with a B.S. in biology, and Creighton caught my eye when I deciding where to go to graduate school.

I was wondering how easy/difficult it is to be accepted to graduate school at Creighton. Are they sticklers for GPA (mine's not that hot, compared to others in my college), or do they look more on GRE scores and research experience? I was thinking of going for my Ph.D. in something to do with molecular biology or pharmacology. Does the university have a good Drosophila research background? What's the average grad degree completion?

Is it relatively (in)expensive to live in Nebraska? What's the average rent like if I rented a small, one-bedroom apartment? I'd be paying for everything myself (tuition, rent, etc.), so price is definitely an issue for me.

Thanks for your input. :)
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